Business Administration Program (with work experience) (B155)

Business Administration
School of Management
St. James Campus
3 years (6 semesters in-class, 2 semesters work experience)
September, January
Ontario College Advanced Diploma
The Business Administration (with work experience) program is designed to offer the widest range of possible career choices and opportunities in a variety of business disciplines.

Full Program Descriptions



The Business Administration (with work experience) program is designed to offer the widest range of possible career choices and opportunities in a variety of business disciplines. You will learn to:

  • Identify the major forces apparent in the marketplace and how they affect the competitive advantage of a business.
  • Collect, analyze and synthesize information through research to solve problems and make effective business decisions.
  • Develop a business plan to formulate the strategic direction of an organization.
  • Create, manage and optimize human resource and performance strategies.


Starting in semester 4, this program offers several streams/specializations:

  • General Management
  • International Business Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management
  • Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship

*Not all courses in each specialization are available each semester. Check with the Centre for Business office for details.


We offer:

  • Practical real-life learning experiences
  • Up-to-date curriculum
  • Experienced faculty with ties to industry experts
  • Academic advising
  • Tutoring and learning centres
  • University prep courses

Forum For International Trade Training (FITT) Credentials

The International Business Management specialization enables students to work towards a FITT (Forum for International Trade Training) transcript, diploma and a CITP (Certified International Trade Professional) designation by offering several of the FITT accredited courses as business electives. Please view the equivalency course chart and the educational partnership agreement with FITT below.

Accredited Partnership with FITT

fitt logoGeorge Brown College has partnered with FITT (Forum for International Trade Training) to offer the FITTskills program. FITT is an international trade training and professional certification body. As the only organization of its kind in the world, FITT sets the standards and designs the training programs leading to the Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) designation. FITT’s quality training programs impart knowledge and practical skills that provide a competitive advantage to trade practitioners and elevate their position in world markets.

Part Time Study Options  

George Brown also offers a variety of evening courses and part-time certificate programs in Business Skills & Management. See the Continuing Education Course Guide at

Field Education 


Your Field Study Options 

Work Experience (Co-op or Internship Work Term)

This program requires the successful completion of two semesters of work experience to graduate. This work experience is either co-op (paid) or internship (unpaid). Either one will give you the practical experience employers value.

George Brown works with employers and industry partners to identify potential work experience opportunities. Students are also strongly encouraged to pursue self-directed industry work experience opportunities they believe would provide the learning experiences they value and meet the learning outcomes of the program. This valuable work experience can in turn be added to your resume.

For more detailed Field Education information, visit

Program Standards and Learning Outcomes  

Program standards apply to all similar programs of instruction offered by colleges across the province. Each program standard for a postsecondary program of instruction includes the following elements:

  • Vocational standard (the vocationally specific learning outcomes which apply to the program in question),
  • Essential employability skills (the essential employability skills learning outcomes which apply to all programs of instruction), and
  • General education requirement (the requirement for general education in postsecondary programs of instruction).

The vocational and essential employability skills components of program standards are expressed in terms of learning outcomes. Learning outcomes represent culminating demonstrations of learning and achievement. In addition, learning outcomes are interrelated and cannot be viewed in isolation of one another. As such, they should be viewed as a comprehensive whole. They describe performances that demonstrate that significant integrated learning by graduates of the program has been achieved and verified.

View standards and outcomes by program.

Source: Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities website

Course Outline

Required Courses 


Course Code Courses (Mandatory) Pre-requisite
BUS 1038 Business Concepts I None
COMM 1007 College English None
COMP 1010 Business Computer Applications I None
HRM 1008 Fundamentals of HR Management None
MARK 1020 Principles of Marketing I None
MATH 1008 Math for Business & Management I None


Course Code Courses (Mandatory) Pre-requisite
ACCT 1036 Principles of Accounting None
BUS 1040 Project Management None
COMM 1034 Professional Communication I COMM 1007
COMP 1115 Business Computer Applications II COMP 1010
MATH 1095 Math for Business & Management II MATH 1008
PSY 1129 Organizational Behaviour None


Course Code Courses (Mandatory) Pre-requisite
ECON 1032 Macroeconomics None
MARK 1002 Professional Selling MARK 1020
MGMT 4009 Operations Management MATH 1095
STAT 1012 Business Statistics MATH 1095
MGMT 1018 International Business MARK 1020
BUS 1000 Work Experience Preparation* COMM 1007 & 3.0 GPA
GHUM 1087 Successful Social Relations None

*This course is mandatory only for students taking the Work Experience option (B155)


Course Code Courses (Mandatory) Pre-requisite
ACCT 2031 Managerial Accounting ACCT 1036
BUS 1041 Small Business Management BUS 1038
BUS 1044 Business Law None
BUS 1055 Logistics & Supply Chain Management MGMT 4009 & COMP 1115
STS 1037 Career Planning and Development None
Select One Business Electives
Select One General Education Elective


Course Code Courses (Mandatory) Pre-requisite
MGMT 1020 Management Decision Making MGMT 4009 & ACCT 2031
Select Four Business Electives
Select One General Education Elective


Course Code Courses (Mandatory) Pre-requisite
MGMT 3006 Strategic Analysis MGMT 1020 & COMM 1034
Select Three Business Electives
Select One General Education Elective

For detailed course outlines

General Education Electives


Course Code Business Elective Pre-requisite
BUS 1067 Field Education For Non-Coop Students, by interview only
BUS 3010 Customs Procedures I MGMT 1018
BUS 3011 Customs Procedures II BUS 3010
BUS 3012 Intro. To Freight Forwarding I MGMT 1018
BUS 3013 Intro. To Freight Forwarding II BUS 3012
BUS 3015 Applied Business Planning ACCT 2031, MARK 1020, MATH 1008 & HRM 1008
COMM 1114 Business Research & Report Writing COMM 1034
COMM 1127 The Business Media in Canada COMM 1034
COMM 1156 Talking Business COMM 1034
COMP 1113 Principles of E-Business I COMP 1010
ECON 1021 Environmental Economics ECON 1031 or ECON 1032 or ECON 1034
HRM 2027 Coaching for Effective Performance Management HRM 1008
MARK 2049 Principles of Marketing II MARK 1020
MARK 2053 Negotiation Skills MARK 1020
MARK 3020 Retail Management MARK 1020

Electives (cont.)

Course Code Business Elective Pre-requisite
MGMT 1017 Purchasing Practices MGMT 4009
MGMT 1030 Enterprise Resource Planning BUS 1055
MGMT 1031 Supply Chain Strategy & Technology BUS 1055
MGMT 2027 Small Business Finance BUS 1041
MGMT 2025 International Marketing MGMT 1018
MGMT 2028 International Market Entry & Distribution MGMT 1018
MGMT 2029 International Trade Management MGMT 3008 & MGMT 3009
MGMT 2030 International Trade Research MGMT 2025 &MGMT 3008
MGMT 2031 Legal Aspects of International Trade MGMT 3008 & MGMT 2028
MGMT 3008 International Trade Finance MGMT 1018
MGMT 3009 International Trade Logistics MGMT 1018 & BUS 1055
MGMT 2034 Field-Based Consulting - Theory Successful Completion of Semester 3, by interview only
MGMT 2035 Field-Based Consulting - Field Work Successful Completion of Semester 3, by interview only
MGMT 2026 The Successful Project Manager BUS 1040 & COMP 1115
MGMT2032 Advanced Project Management Tools BUS 1040 & COMP 1115
MGMT 3011 Real-World Project Management (Integrative Project) MGMT 2026 &MGMT 2032

Careers and Post-Graduate Study Opportunities

Your Career 

Your education is complemented with courses focusing on the professional skills required by today’s employers, which encompass teamwork, communication, leadership, decision-making, strategy formulation, project management and problem solving.

You will be prepared for a variety of administrative and management positions in a broad range of employment settings. Upon graduation, potential positions may include:

  • logistics analyst
  • forecasting and replenishment analyst
  • supply chain co-ordinator
  • project co-ordinator
  • customs broker
  • merchandise assistant
  • purchasing assistant/co-ordinator

Future Study Options 

For information on future study options, see

There are many pathways into the Business Administration Advanced Diploma B155 (Work Experience) program including high school, work, the Business Diploma program and other college or university programs. After graduating from the program, students can go to work, or they can further their education through a graduate certificate, a professional credential or designation, or a college or university degree.

Tuition and Fees


$3,489.00 * †

Additional Cost 

*Amounts listed are the total of tuition, materials, student service and ancillary fees for the first two semesters of programs starting in fall 2014. Fees are subject to change for programs starting in fall 2015 and at later dates.

This program includes 2 Work Experience semesters. The tuition fee for this program does NOT include the cost of Work Experience semesters. The first Work Experience fee of $450 covers the cost of the Work Experience Preparation course and the first Work Experience semester. There is an additional fee of $450 for the second Work Experience semester.
Students who want a co-op program must apply using this code.

International students: Visit the International Fees and Related Costs page for more information.

How to Qualify and Apply

Admission Requirements  

Applicants are selected on the basis of their academic achievement, including the required courses, and any other selection criteria outlined below.

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent**
  • Grade 12 English (C or U)
  • Grade 11 Math (M or U) or Grade 12 (C or U)

** Mature Student status (19 years of age or older)

Course Exemptions

Some college and university credits may qualify you for exemptions. Please visit for more information.

English Proficiency

Proficiency in English communications is necessary for success in these programs.

Applicants may be required to complete English testing to demonstrate proficiency.

Please visit for more details

International students

Visit the International Admissions page for more information.

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Student Success

Success Stories  

"During my co-op time with I was able to work in an environment that was not only professional, but friendly and enthusiastic as well. I had an amazing and awesome experience. I was given the opportunity to conduct sales calls and interact with existing clients, as well as build relationships with new clients. I represented the company at job fairs and managed the company database. I was able to gain useful tools and knowledge that I can use for years to come in my career."

Kareem Walker (student, Business Administration)

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Our office hours are 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

For more information, you may also visit or call the George Brown College Contact Centre at 416-415-2000 (TTY 1-877-515-5559) or long distance 1-800-265-2002.

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